ViewEra founded in 2002 and headquartered in California, U.S.A. , develops and markets flat panel displays. The company´s mission is to exceed the limitations of today´s monitor market, position itself as tomorrow´s source for flat panel displays and design and manufacture high-tech LCD products to offer cutting edge solutions to a wide array of customers.

ViewEra´s manufacturing plants are located in Taiwan and China. We are proud to deliver our displays into the market because we provide customers with efficient services to assure customers´satisfaction and use only the "A" grade panel to assure extremely high reliability and quality.

Our flat panel displays are manufactured to meet customers who seek high-end performance at a reasonable price. We truly provide displays of value.
The company´s core competence is to offer its customers the best value by managing the supply chain associated with vendors and retailers.

ViewEra will continue to focus on developing and upholding long-standing trust and confidence with customers and partners.